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  • "Randy is a great personal trainer and a super fun guy. When my local gym closed he was instrumental in helping me pick and procure workout equipment for my small NYC apartment and has been providing me kick-ass workouts during the pandemic. I have actually been able to get more fit with my home workouts than I did with at the gym! His workouts are challenging and tailored to my needs and he’s made work on things that were always weaknesses for me. Highly recommended!"

    Time Training: 3 years
    Body Fat Loss: 29%
    Pounds Lost: 80 pounds

    Ben M.
  • "I can honestly say training with a Randy was an incredible experience. I found him to be a kind, committed, professional, coach and a well seasoned trainer. I learned many things the hard way, and had more setbacks than I had anticipated. But every step he was there. There were many times I wanted to quit, but he never gave me an out that I was looking for. I always received an answer to my question, or an encouraging email with schedule change that kept me on track. I looked forward to my three times a week sessions where we could discuss my progress and continue to train HARD! He was truly committed to helping me achieve my goal."

    Amith N.
  • "Those of you who have the opportunity to be trained by Randy are very lucky. We have lost a jewel of a trainer in S.Florida who is truly interested in having you accomplish your goals. Hang in there with him, even if you don't understand his thinking and training. You will be amazed at what you'll accomplish. I miss my friend and trainer and hope that you all recognize how lucky you are to have Randy as your trainer. He changed my life. 
Always grateful."

    Time Training: 1.5 years
    Goals: Relieve pain from previous injury and improve range of motion
    Process: 3x a week training first 8-10 weeks, 2x a week after that
    Favorite Takeaways: "Randy ALWAYS explained the theories behind his logic and was ALWAYS able to explain the mechanics of the body in a language I understood." 
    Success: no more monthly chiropractic care for injuries!

    Linda A.
  • "Randy is a Master Instructor for KettleBell Concepts' Level 1 Introduction to KettleBell Training 2-day, CEC. His knowledge of exercise science, physiology, and other areas such as these is incredibly impressive. Further, he has held management positions in the past and knows the fitness/personal training world quite well. Whether working with him as a client or hiring him in a managerial capacity, Randy won't disappoint."

    David G.
  • "I hired Randy as my personal trainer and worked with him for 6 months. I thoroughly enjoyed my time training with Randy: he is exceptionally knowledgeable, creative, and result oriented. If Randy had not relocated, I would definitely still be training with him. I highly recommend Randy to anyone who is serious about becoming fit, healthy, and generally functioning better in the environment."

    Gustavo S.
  • "Randy's energy and hard work and persistence overcame my ingrained resistance to physical effort and motivated me to get into the best shape of my adult life."
    Albert S.
  • "A former division one college athlete, I came to Randy trying to find the spark again. At 31 years old Randy implemented a training and diet formula that got me back to optimal shape. Having numerous trainers and coaches throughout my career, Randy is truly a student master who continues to develop his extensive expertise as he gains valuable experience applying his craft. Personable and always great to train with, Randy is and has been my favorite trainer I have ever had. Results are the bottom line."
    Martin M.
  • "Randy is awesome. I had some time off from work recently and wanted to get in shape so I hired Randy as a personal trainer. In three months, I am in the best shape I have ever been in. Randy has a deep and detailed knowledge of fitness, nutrition, and personal training. He even cured my knee pain by focusing on specific exercises and techniques that strengthened my legs. We did new and effective exercises I would never do on my own and Randy pushed me to my full potential. 

I recommend using Randy as a personal trainer. He is very trustworthy, reliable, and will provide you with lots of attention when it comes to your fitness needs. If you are serious about getting into shape Randy will definitely help you achieve your goal."

    Srikant A.
  • "Randy and I worked together at an Equinox gym location in Manhattan. His work ethic was unmatched. Randy reached the Tier III Trainer level within the in-house education system. This consisted of over 180 hours of education. He always desired to learn more and was constantly researching new information within the exercise/personal training industry. As a senior member of our staff, Randy could be counted on to assist in the development and education of younger staff. Regarding his clients, Randy showed a level professionalism recognized throughout our club from upper management to members. His level of experience permitted me to assign Randy clients who had goals ranging from basic conditioning to injury rehabilitation and sports specific training."
    Joe B.
  • "Having the opportunity to train with Randy the past 2 years has been a great experience both as a trainer and educator; he helped me reach several goals while at the same time taught me  how my body works and the differences between each training program in order to reach my goal whether it was to lose body fat or gain muscle mass, I was able to achieve it with his help."

    Time Training: 2 years
    Goals: Build strength, get toner, tailor training around hip injury prior to surgery
    Favorite Takeaways: "Training with someone like Randy is a learning experience, he is knowledgable, passionate, relatable and funny makes working out fun. He tailors your work outs to your needs and helps you reach your goal but “consistency is key” in order to succeed."

    Sujeiry C.
  • "When Randy and I met, our initial meeting proved he was different. It was not simply that he "cared" about my physical well-being, but he knew how to get my body from where it was to where I wanted it to be. He put me in control of my body rather than the other way around."

    Goals: Relieve chronic back and joint pain, Keep body in form
    Fears: Bulking up due to strength training
    Real Success: "He trained me through my wedding, emotionally and physically. Randy showed me his true talents in the weeks leading up to my "big day" and I will forever have the photos to show off his and my hard work."

    Maddy D.
  • "Randy will take you from where you are and build you into the athlete, at what ever degree, you want to become. Not only did he take the time to teach me the routines, but each move came with an explanation of how it would benefit me. His motivation is contagious and I strongly recommend you get on board with his training program."

    Time Training: 3 years
    Process: 3x a week training, constant educationFavorite Takeaway: "My entire life has been surrounded by sports and activity, but never have I felt this great."

    Alexandre D.
  • "I’ve always been interested in fitness. Yet, I’ve never entrusted my goals to anyone. I was always a DIY person, just Google and do it. And that’s what I did throughout my college years. The results were abysmal and detrimental... Randy changed my perception. He taught me the goal was never to simply go from point A to B. The goal is to move as far away as possible from point A. Henceforth, my concept of fitness has evolved from an end goal to a lifestyle."

    Time Training: 5 years
    Process: Working through a progressive training regiment to improve over time
    First Takeaway: "Credit goes to Randy for spotting [an] abnormality and encouraging me to seek medical advice."
    "Lo and behold, I’ve reached new levels of muscular fitness I never thought possible. What was before 65 lbs deadlift has turned into 160 lbs, 95 lbs bench press into 145 lbs, and 95 lbs squats into 155 lbs in the course of 3 months. In terms of cardio fitness, I achieved feats I never thought possible such as cranking out 30 consecutive push-ups followed by 50 air squats, where my previous limits were only 15 push-ups and 20 air squats."

    Gary (Choong) Y.
  • "In the six months of working with him, I added about 100 pounds to both my squats and my deadlifts. Through Randy's tailored programs and his corrections to my techniques, at 40 years old, I'm now stronger than I've been my whole life."

    Training Time: 6 months
    Goals: Help with technique, hit a 400 lb deadlift
    Success: Achieved deadlift goal before 40th birthday!

    Britton W.

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